Crescat Graffiti goes to a Slavic conference

What's the word for 'to finish'?Last week, right before I left for one of the big national Slavic conventions (where I was giving a Digital Humanities style talk contrasting data models and standards used by two Old Church Slavonic dictionaries), my t-shirts arrived, so I figured I’d take them to Boston for the conference.

To celebrate Russian at the University of Chicago, I wore my “One exam and one essay and I happened [supposed to be 'and I'm done']” (that would be me in the photo, with my dramatization of the Confused Russian Student). No one appears to have really noticed– or, if so, certainly not said anything. The person who I showed the original graffiti too didn’t even pick up on the mistake; there, I suppose, is part of the beauty of it.

Go to ItalyMeanwhile, David Birnbaum kindly wore a button around, perhaps subtly suggesting the possibility of pursuing a different career for Slavists dissatisfied with the state of funding in the Humanities. (David, of course, also wins the distinction of being the first person to pre-order a copy of the book.) And today, for the last day, I pulled out my ‘Go to Italy’ shirt too. I wonder whether I’ll get any remarks at airport security; my inclination towards weird t-shirts sometimes leaves me doing more explaining than I’d like.

It's SuperFishAnd finally, my father, recipient of the first copy of the book, proudly showed up to lunch in Fish Eats Brain, which apparently he wears around Keene, NH.

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