The persistence of poetry

Talking of MichaelangeloMore additions have come to the T.S. Eliot piece on the 5th floor that got vicious a few weeks ago. After uploading the photos from today, I realized that the evolution of this piece isn’t what I initially thought. If you compare the original version of the poem and the one I thought Facilities had edited, the contents are actually the same– Facilities painted over the entire piece, and the writer re-created it in full, albeit in a smaller hand.

Then, of course, things got ugly; instead of a comment about it being a cliche like the first time, we got a surprisingly vicious tirade that was subsequently dismissed.

But, just as nature persists in the form of grass growing through cracks in the cement, the determined poet can sometimes triumph over vitriolic rantings in the Regenstein stacks. Today, I found that the previous exchange had been crossed out, and in its place the next line of the poem was written– slightly misquoted, but that’s hardly the point.

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