The study carrel disapproves of your slacking

Last Tuesday, I dropped by the stacks and discovered they’d been painted over immaculately (leaving me to suspect that I’d previously caught them having applied some sort of primer). With some time on my hands, and nothing to photograph in the stacks, I went back to the study carrels. Over the summer (perhaps in response to the LA Times article) they were cleaned fairly thoroughly, but there’s nothing like finals week to undo much of that work.

My impression of the contents was that there were more doodles than usual. Not much by way of love or sex (not that you see a ton of that in general, at least relative to other universities’ graffiti), and not many discussions– unsurprisingly, since those take time.

Particularly striking, though, was the number of disapproving or otherwise disgruntled faces. I think there may in fact have been more of them in this one trip through the study carrels than in the last two years combined. Make of it what you will (I’m not inclined to make much of it beyond there being someone inclined towards doodling faces studying in the Reg) but here are a couple for your enjoyment.

There’s more blog posts coming about that trip to the study carrels, but if you want to browse all the photos in the meantime, I’ve put together a set on Flickr.

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