A tour of Korean graffiti

Korean isn’t in the top five for non-English languages with the most graffiti, but it’s well-represented for a language with relatively few students. (See A look at non-English graffiti for details.) I can’t even decipher the Korean alphabet, so David Yung Ho Kim and Jessica Choi have helpfully translated the graffiti I’ve been accumulating over the past few years. Many thanks!

The difference in content when compared with, say, the Arabic graffiti, is pretty striking. Perhaps a chart of some sort is called for, one of these days.

Working hard

The graffiti to the right, from the Regenstein stacks, the small text on the left reads “It’s possible to succeed. You can do it!” with the giant response “Fuck you you asshole.”

Found in a Crerar study carrel: “I’m gonna study like a crazy maniac . . . Until the day that I become a surgeon! -Who?”

From a whiteboard on the A-level: “I’ll be sleeping at the library today. Tomorrow? Probably as well.”

From a study cubicle in the Reg: “Let’s try our best. -I want to excel. -Be kind. [Let’s be kind to others.] -Let’s not compare ourselves to others.”

Hardly working

To the right, from the A-level of the Reg: “Lee Jung Hyun = Pork Ribs. I love it. I wanna eat her. – Andrew = Huge intestines. The most delicious.”

Another A-level whiteboard: “Let’s play on the weekend!!”

Finally, on an A-level whiteboard, next to the famous “Winter is the suck” haiku, is a much saucier piece of Korean: “You need some spanking, DanBee Kim.”

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