A note on blog updates

My goal has been to write something about graffiti every week, and update the blog accordingly. As you may have noticed, it’s just not happening. Instead of spurring me to action, that goal has just left me feeling guilty as I miss one week then another, and begin to resent the extent to which this project is monopolizing my time. (I’ve got three other projects going on that need attention too.) If I try to keep up the pace I’ve set for myself, it won’t be long before I drop this project altogether.

I’ve decided to aim for writing something monthly for the blog, with the thought being that 12 meaningful posts that I’m interested in writing are better than 52 posts where I don’t have time in-between to explore a topic to the extent I’d like, and end up just throwing something together without much care or interest.

I’m still taking and uploading weekly photos, and will be sharing brief updates, anecdotes, and highlights from new graffiti on the Facebook page. And if I’m feeling inspired, I may on occasion write more than once a month. But that’s the plan, and it’s a necessary change if the blog is going to see its first anniversary. Thanks.

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