Books are here!

Alla perched on the box of boxes of booksAs if it wasn’t cluttered enough with luggage and the piles of books that are always there, my living room is now covered with the 5 boxes from Lulu containing 10 copies of Crescat Graffiti each.

Winter quarter in the bookstacks

Apologies for a silent winter quarter– the graffiti project tends to slide towards hibernation in the winter in general (I took no pictures at all in winter ’09), and it was compounded this year by heaps of stress and moving. Fear not, though, I still went to the stacks weekly, so let’s catch up on what emerged winter ’11. (All links take you Flickr, where you can see or download a large version.)

Graffiti analysis part 2: University of Colorado – Boulder

This is the second in a five-part series of posts describing the results of my analysis of my graffiti corpora. I strongly recommend you read “Prelude to a graffiti analysis” first to understand the methodology, data, and sampling. You might also be interested in part 1, Arizona State University.


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