Alexa, master of A-level graphs, clears some things up

Towards the beginning of winter quarter 2008, Alexa and her friends had a pretty prominent place in the photos I was taking on the A-level. Alexa made some pretty great charts, two of which found their way into the book (second photo on pages 42 and 103, respectively.)

When Alexa’s current roommate, Loranne, showed her the book she recognized the graffiti she’d written and wanted to set the record straight.

Inability to get laid

Mike was no funThe graph from page 42 was written in response to some obnoxious guys who were in the adjacent cubicle, loudly discussing their inability to get laid. As such, Alexa’s note was to them, rather than to herself.

On a more heartwarming note, the graph from page 103 has a happy ending. While Mike caused a precipitous decline in how fun the Reg was in January 2008, today Mike and Alexa are dating.

You can find a few more fun whiteboard graphs from Alexa that I couldn’t fit into the book here.

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