Buttons!Upon getting back from a 4-day trip, I found the buttons I ordered last week crammed in my mailbox. This round of buttons (there may be more, we shall see) features the much-loved “Go to Italy, be a cobbler”.

So how do you get a button? I’ve set aside one for each of the books I’m ordering in a batch to sell myself, so if you order a book through crescatgraffiti.com it’ll come with a button (along with being signed!) I’ve set aside a couple more handfuls for promotional stuff in case the book can find its way into any local bookstores. This leaves another handful or two for general purposes. If you ask me in person and I have some on me, I’ll give you one.

In other news, the package that I suspect is the second proof of the book was safely locked away in the apartment manager’s office, which won’t open until after I leave for work tomorrow. With any luck, though, I’ll be able to place the batch book order tomorrow night.

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