Beyond the Reg: the graffiti of Crerar science library

While Regenstein is the biggest library at the University of Chicago, it’s only one of five* libraries on campus. My vague impression has been that most of the “good stuff”, from a graffiti perspective, is at the Reg, but I’ve never actually looked into the graffiti at the other libraries. As a student, I’d set foot into Crerar (science library) and Eckhart (math library) maybe a handful of times, and to this day I’ve never entered D’Angelo Law or the Social Service Administration libraries. I aim to change that with a series of posts I’m calling “Beyond the Reg”.

Crescat Graffiti: The Word Cloud

After a couple weeks of off-and-on data entry, I’ve finally put together a Google Docs spreadsheet with all the text from the Reg graffiti collection, and a brief description of all the doodles.

More data crunching is coming in the days ahead, but I’d like to start things off with a couple quick-and-flashy word clouds, courtesy of Wordle. Click to see the full-size versions.


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