Crescat Graffiti: The Data Set

Until recently, I’ve thought of Crescat Graffiti as an art/anthropology project, and it never occurred to me to treat it as a data set. But now that’s what I’m doing as part of putting together a guest post for a science magazine. I love a good data set, but in the process of making it I’m finding myself wracked with indecision about how much metadata to capture.

A Christmas wish from the study carrels

The Reg is short on holiday-themed graffiti. What’s more, I’ve only ever found two pieces of graffiti that reference Jesus. (To put that in context, there’s at least twice that many that mention Nietzsche.) So, in the spirit of hopes and wishes and so on, I’d like to share this gem from my latest pass through the study carrels. Merry Christmas, and/or happy University-sanctioned day off!

How not to remove graffiti

In the last couple years, winter break has been the time when Facilities has made their rounds through the stacks and cleaned the graffiti from the walls. But when I dropped by the stacks this morning, I saw that not only have they jumped the gun this year, they also seem to have failed at the very purpose of painting over graffiti, which I understand to be the following:

What do O-Chem, LOLCats and bad grades have in common?

Last night I got an e-mail from Daniel Choi, class of ’10, who got a copy of the book at Powell’s and recognized three pieces of graffiti he’d written– pieces I never would’ve thought were connected. The stories behind the graffiti, particularly the O-Chem one, are so heartwarmingly UChicago, and with his permission I’m happy to share them with you, in his own words:

Organic Chemistry is Voodoo Witchcraft


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